SFT/Host in Scotland has commissioned 4 research documents to examine the case for investment/development of the datacentre industry in Scotland and the ability to obtain wider international subsea fibreoptic connectivity. 

These commissions can be accessed by clicking on the relevant icon to the right and are:


Gartner Report

Gartner were commissioned in late 2017 to provide an understanding of the current and projected demand for data/datacentres in Scotland and recommendations for how Scotland can address this demand/opportunity. Gartner used their infrastructure and data centre sourcing team that works with the largest end users and services providers to provide insights into site selection factors and requirements, and to understand the data centre providers market trends within the UK and Scotland. Gartner has developed 6 scenarios that are focussed primarily on differentiating factors that Scotland might possess to attract the data centre providers, and also based on the potential plans within Scotland that might drive growth.


CBRE Report

In late 2017 we asked CBRE to provide an understanding of the site availability and attractiveness of Scotland for datacentre investment. The commission set out to identify the optimal locations in Scotland for a data centre ecosystem to thrive, and CBRE were specifically directed to focus their research on the identification of potential data centres campus sites within Scotland.  


Deloitte Report

Through a formal competition we appointed Deloitte to undertake a very detailed Economic Impact Assessment of datacentres and international connectivity, including the associated impact on Gross Value Add (GVA)/GDP and employment opportunities. The study sought to examine how improvements in international connectivity can lead to improved performance in transferring data (latency) between countries, stronger internet resilience by having more cables serving a country and feed through into lower wholesale prices for service providers.

Across three modelled scenarios (with different rates of subscriber take-up impact and data centre investment levels) Deloitte’s quantitative analysis suggests that enhancements in Scottish international connectivity might be expected, alongside other important contributory factors, such as investments in local telecommunications infrastructure, to result in annual GVA being between £0.2bn and £0.4bn higher each year in the long-term. Deloitte also estimates that between 1,300 and 3,100 additional jobs could be created across Scotland in the long-term across different scenarios. 


Global Marine Report

Global Marine were appointed (via competition) to undertake a full, detailed Desktop Study (DTS) investigation on the most appropriate physical landing sites for subsea fibreoptic cables on the North/West coasts of Scotland. This report provides a wealth of detailed information on the potential for a route from Ireland (Dublin) to Scotland (Irvine) and also the potential to land a transatlantic cable at the same location.