Host in Scotland was created in 2017 and is an umbrella organisation to represent and promote the interests of the Scottish Datacentre sector industry. Host in Scotland is funded by Scottish Futures Trust and Scottish Government. Our aim is to promote new investment in the space, be it from existing operators seeking to expand or new entrants to Scotland. We work very closely with our partners and we host 4 events per year alongside our key strategic partner, ScotlandIS.

We may be a very new organisation but we are highly ambitious and we are working tirelessly to enable new investment into this exciting sector and to enable Scotland’s economy to reap the rich rewards that are associated with a thriving datacentre sector.

This website provides information on the existing market and also further information on developing datacentre projects. It also provides a number of links to documents which Host in Scotland’s parent company, Scottish Futures Trust, has commissioned. These detailed documents were commissioned to provide a wholly independent perspective on the topics and we would welcome feedback on their content and conclusions!

Please contact us for more detail or if you are looking for contacts within the Scottish market – we’ll be happy to help!