About Brightsolid

Transforming businesses with hosting strategies that drive digitalisation, business agility, service improvement and growth, Brightsolid is Scotland’s only dedicated and complete colocation and managed cloud solutions company. It is privately-owned and operated, and committed to providing enterprise class technology, processes and talent for Scotland and beyond.



Brightsolid own and operate world-class data centres in Dundee and Aberdeen, allowing it to provide the infrastructure, people and processes required to guide its clients on their transformational journey. It can also provide UK wide services via their strategic partners in Edinburgh and London.


Managed Cloud

The journey to the cloud should be compelling and cost-effective; Brightsolid guide, support and deliver every stage of that journey, helping clients realise the full potential and business benefits of the cloud. Managed Cloud solutions include: Brightsolid Enterprise Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Government Cloud and Public Cloud.


Cloud Services

Adding value to help you realise the benefits of the cloud including Connectivity, Consultancy, Hosting and Security services.

The team at Brightsolid is dedicated to accelerating its clients’ solution adoption, increasing productivity, maximising return on investment and improving efficiencies. Whether you are just at the beginning of your cloud journey, or already building and managing your cloud strategy, Brightsolid will help you embrace cloud and propel your business toward success.



About our Data Centre Facilities in Dundee and Aberdeen

Brightsolid’s purpose-built, tier III designed secure data centre facilities in Dundee and Aberdeen provide a range of scalable rack and power solutions supported by 100% SLAs, allowing you to house your critical IT infrastructure with confidence.

With a 200 rack capacity, the Brightsolid Dundee data centre is physically and virtually well-connected with convenient access to major Scottish transport links, and a network that supports excellent connection to the digital world through diverse carrier and IP transit options.

Similarly, with a 200 rack capacity, the Brightsolid Aberdeen facility is the key communication hub in the north of Scotland, with a network that offers:

  • Direct connections via our ‘Meetme’ rooms, eliminating latency and costs for customers sharing services
  • Direct connection into the City Fibre network
  • On-net access via onshore carriers such as SSE, BT, Vodafone and others
  • Off-shore access via Rignet, Speedcast & Tampnet
  • Access to networks such as SOIL (Secure Oil Information Link) and SWAN (Scottish Wide Area Network)


In addition, Brightsolid services add value and help you make the most of your colocation service. These include Managed Hands, Managed Networking, Patching, Anti-virus, Secure Build & Storage, Back up as a Service, Storage as a Service, Bare Metal Provision and more.